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   About MINDFUL WOMEN 50+   


We're a unique group program of

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction [MBSR], 

  designed especially for Women 50+. 



   Why MBSR?  

MBSR is a research-based program that's been shown to help women live with more optimism, resilience, and peace of mind.

Mindful awareness strengthens women's natural capacity for happiness & well-being in everyday life. 

>> A simple method of self-care and psychological transformation. Based on mind-body science and ancient meditative practice.

>> Now taught in hospitals & clinics worldwide. Hundreds of scientific papers confirm healing results for people of diverse backgrounds and interests. 

>> Research shows that many women experience better sleep with MBSR.

>> Learn how to get comfortable with your own mind, moment by moment...

>> Free yourself from habits of regret, self-criticism, resentment, worry...

>> Explore your natural capacity for self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-compassion...

>> Experience moments free of expectation, just being here now!

>> Keep your balance even as you deal with change, loss, uncertainty...

>> Approach the ageing process without fear...

>> Find your way to forgive and love again...

>> Recognize more spontaneous happiness.

>> Live in the vitality of your own spirit!



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"I can recommend this program for women who do too much, face challenges carving out time for themselves, know how to care for everyone but themselves...all women. When I took the program, I found that I slowed down. I was able to regroup, look inward, breathe deeply, gain insight and perspective without making this yet another task, being or getting good at anything. I could simply be enough, just as I was. 

This program supported me in realizing the importance of self care, setting boundaries, taking time to just be, experiencing both myself and the world around me."
S.S. / Toronto ON / self-employed

"I learned I could just be happy for no reason. And I haven't forgotten. It's still there. I just let it come and go. Happiness. I'm not afraid."
R.J. / Vancouver BC / accountant

"I learned I can be aware of happy moments, no matter what circumstance I’m in."

 "Feeling there is enough."

"I felt more calm, regulated."

"Learning to relax body tension I didn’t know I had!"

"Be good for women in transition, who have to change."

"Good for women who've been in psychotherapy and need something new." 

"I have enjoyed the benefits of Dr. Lucinda Sykes’ teaching for over 20 years.  Dr. Sykes is learned and completely sincere.  Her rich background and deep knowledge inform her authentic program.  I am very grateful that the program is available now in the virtual world.  Thank you Dr. Sykes."

S.M. / Toronto / retired

  How does our program work?  


The program supports you in a month of daily mindfulness, following the authentic MBSR method, adapted to maximize online effectiveness.

We meet and practice mindfulness as a group, twice a week, for 5 weeks. 

And, between group sessions, you continue the same practices on your own, following with the program's audio-recordings. In this way, mindfulness begins to influence your day-to-day life!

You practice each day, in your own way, at your own pace. You're welcome to connect with Lucinda & Peggy Jane for email or telephone support. You face no expectations, and your privacy is protected. 

We're exploring MBSR together, sharing respect and goodwill. Everyone is welcome to participate in their way!



  Research shows that MBSR is an intensive program that can bring significant & lasting personal change. If you want this depth of change, we will support you 100%. We want you to gain the full benefit of MBSR!    




  Two bonus group meetings prepare us for the MBSR program. 


 Then our MBSR sessions meet Sundays & Wednesdays for 5 weeks. 

 Total of 10 MBSR sessions! 

MBSR sessions are 90 minutes, on Zoom.

All sessions are recorded & replays are sent to you the next day after every group session. This means you never have to miss a session.

Between sessions, your experience deepens through daily home practice, guided by audio-recordings.

Get reliable between-session support by email/ phone, as needed. We care!

[NOTE: Your access to recordings continues even after the program ends.]  


We have just completed another joyful group.

Thank you dear ladies!

-- but our new group begins in September,

and we want to include you!

Please email us for more information:



Our bonus group meetings will be

2 Wednesdays in September, 7pm EDT  

BONUS #1   My Body, My Friend: Body Awareness in MBSR (with special guest, Pam Hammond RMT)

BONUS #2   Preparing for MBSR: How to get your most from the program, without trying!


Then our MBSR sessions begin. 

  MBSR sessions meet twice each week, for 5 weeks.

A total of 10 sessions.  

All meetings & sessions are recorded and available for next day replay.


  5 Wednesday sessions / 7pm to 8:30pm Eastern time    

September to October (5 Wednesdays)

  5 Sunday sessions /  12noon to 1:30pm Eastern time  

September to October (5 Sundays)

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This program has a money-back guarantee. When the program ends, if you're dissatisfied with your experience, meet with Lucinda privately to explain what happened. She wants to learn how she might improve future programs for others. You'll receive full refund of the registration fee -- guaranteed!



MINDFUL WOMEN 50+ is sponsored by Meditation for Health clinic in Toronto.

Meditation for Health has provided mindfulness programs since 1997.


 Your MBSR guide is Lucinda Sykes MD. 

 Our group facilitator is Peggy Jane Hope MFA. 

 Our program coordinator is Diana Wilson.    





  Lucinda Sykes MD  

Lucinda is a retired medical doctor and a longtime mindfulness teacher. More than 6000 patients attended medical programs of MBSR at her Toronto clinic, Meditation for Health. 

When COVID ended her clinic’s in-person teaching, Lucinda shifted her focus online to care for women’s well-being after 50. She regularly teaches Mindful Women 50+, and meets with individual clients in private lifestyle coaching.

Lucinda trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn & his colleagues, participating in more than 20 educational events at the Center for Mindfulness (now at the University of Massachusetts). Her background also includes family medicine and Jungian psychotherapy. She holds Certification in Analytical Psychology from the CG Jung Institute, Zurich.


  Peggy Jane Hope MFA  

Peggy Jane is a Professional Voice, Speech and Movement teacher, a singer, and an actor. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Performance from York University, and she taught for many years at Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Toronto, and Randolph College for the Performing Arts. 

Peggy Jane has been a longtime student of the analytical psychology of CG Jung. Her published book, A Step Without Feet: A Jungian Approach to the Actor's Process explores the ongoing work of the artist to bring consciousness to the connection of psyche and body.  

Peggy Jane soon begins her new teaching position at Yorkville University, The Toronto Film School.


  Diana Wilson  

Diana Wilson has been the program coordinator at Meditation for Health since 1999. Previously, she had managed medical and holistic health clinics for more than 20 years.

Since COVID ended all in-person teaching at Meditation for Health, Diana has been ably supervising our transition to the online world. She's been actively involved in scheduling programs of the clinic's "Joyful After 50" outreach, and she manages our current program of "Mindful Women 50+".

Diana is a graduate of relaxation massage at Kikkawa College. She has a special interest in the value of mindfulness practice during massage. 






Coordinator:  Diana Wilson

Phone:  (416) 413.9158

Email:  info@meditationforhealth.com

Mailing address:  

PO Box 68575 Walmer, Toronto ON M5S 3C9, Canada




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